Features Overview

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Determining the best plants for your environment is a blend of your desires and what will work in your layout. Plants are "living art" so it is important that we meet with you in the space where you want plants. We need to see the light and space available and understand your desires and budget. We'll bring plant pictures and container catalogues with many options and color chips. As we walk your area with you, we'll make notes and discuss options of style and pricing. It is a visual process so you'll see ideas come to life in the next stage.

Design and Mock Ups

After the initial meeting we will create mock up pictures of designs we discussed. Mock up technology doesn't give you a "photo perfect" rendering but it does show you how different ideas will look in your space. We will include "ballpark" pricing on each mock up. This is usually an iterative process where you review the mock ups, request changes and we continue to provide mock ups until you say "that's what I wanted". If needed we will bring in samples to make sure it is really what you want as custom orders are not returnable.




Once you're happy with the design ideas we will create the formal Proposal with all the options. It will include pricing for each plant, container, color options and ongoing service. If you desire we'll include pricing for both purchasing and leasing plants. The differences between purchasing and leasing is described below. The Proposal can also go through changes as you hone in on exactly what you want that also fits your budget. We'll also let you know how your choices affect the installation date as "stock" items can be installed much quicker than custom orders.

Proposal Acceptance

If you decide to proceed with the proposal you'll provide acceptance via email or fax a signed proposal. It's important to have your agreement in writing to ensure there is no misunderstanding of what we have both agreed to. At this point we can set an installation date which can be as quick as a week if you choose items that are stocked by our supplier. If you choose items that need to be custom ordered it can take 3-4 weeks. We do require a 50% payment for purchases before ordering your items.

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Plant Installation

As the big day approaches we will confirm installation day and time. Bringing in plants can be a bit distracting (all those "ooo's" and " ahh's") so we will ensure we do not bring your new plants in the middle of the monthly Board Meeting! It can also bring about comments like "Where's my plant?". Rest assured we will always defer requests to our contact at your company. You can go about your normal work day and once the plants are installed we'll do a walk through to make sure you are happy with the choices.

What If I Want To Change Something?

Once the plants are installed they may not "work" as we thought. They are in fact living art and just like hanging a piece of artwork, once it's in place you may say "Oh, dear, this isn't what I had in mind." No problem. As long as it is not a custom ordered item, we can exchange, remove or add plants until once again you say "that's what I wanted". At this point our plant service, described below, begins. It can take a few weeks for a plant to acclimate from the nursery to your environment but during this time we monitor them closely.

Purchase Versus Lease

Leasing plants is much like leasing a car. You "rent" the plants and containers and you must have them serviced by us because we own them. Each month you pay the lease amount and the maintenance service amount. If you decide to terminate our service we remove the plants. However, if you decide to terminate the service prior to the end of the required first 2 year lease, the remaining balance on the lease is due. After the initial 2 years you can terminate the lease with a one time payout of 3 months lease cost and revert to a service only contract. If you purchase plants you own them and if you terminate service you keep the plants. A purchase requires a 1 year contract with an early termination clause that requires a 50% payout of the remaining term if it is terminated early. We do require a 50% payment of the total purchase price before ordering your items. However on a purchase you do not have to have us do your service as you own the plants. Note, Leasing is not an option for Outdoor Containers.

Plant Guarantee and contract

Once you agree to our services we will provide you with a contract and you can review all the fine print regarding each of our responsibilities. The Plant Guarantee is detailed but basically it means if a plant fails we replace it at no cost to you. This is true whether you lease or purchase the plants. Because we maintain the plants it usually is our fault if they fail or they may just decline due to old age. These are tropical plants that would prefer to live outside in Hawaii so most indoor environments are stressful for them. If you have healthy plants that you don't like them or are just tired of them we'll even change them out. There are times we will ask you to pay to replace a plant if some incident damages them such as moving them, shutting down HVAC systems for extended periods and the ever popular hanging Christmas ornaments by piercing their leaves with the hangers.

Plant Maintenance Services

Once the plants are installed we will begin our service to maintain them. This is usually on a every week or every two week basis. Occasionally our schedule may vary due to weather. For instance if we have an extended rainy cold period plants simply don't need as much water and if we have a very warm period we have to come in an water a few plants that can't make it until the next visit. On our visits will we:

  • Check each plant for moisture. If it needs water we water them but if we don't water please don't worry. It means they don't need it.
  • Look over the whole plant and remove anything unsightly like dead or yellow leaves. We will also clean the plant, prune it and turn it as needed.
  • During the growing season we will add fertilizers and other additives to help the plant maintain excellent health and looks.
  • If required we will add soil, replace moss, clean the container and anything else needed to ensure the plant and container look their best.