Green Walls

A green wall is a focal piece of art created with plants or green materials installed vertically on walls. We create two types of green walls; Living walls and Moss Walls.
Living Walls
Living Walls — Interior Planting in Sunnyvale, CA
Moss Walls
Moss Walls — Interior Planting in Sunnyvale, CA
What is a living wall?
A living walls is a biophillic living art piece created installing plants vertically using a system to display plants a on a wall. It is designed to bring a creative and unique use of plants into your workspace or home without taking space on the floor.
What is a Moss Wall?
Moss walls use natural preserved material to bring a biophillic experience to a space. They require no ongoing maintenance and are good for areas that are not easily accessed for regular care. Moss walls make great art pieces and can be customized and designed to fit the specific needs of our clients.